Five Reasons to Invest in a Holiday Lodge

05 Oct 2020

Five reasons you should invest in a Holiday Lodge.

With staycations increasing in popularity and very much here to ‘stay’, there has never been a more opportune time to consider the ultimate in staycations- Here’s five reasons owning a Holiday Lodge is great idea.


1. Luxury the way you like it:

Your lodge is designed just how you want it, so its always your type of luxury and not someone else’s idea of it.

You will never tire of walking through the door to a little bit of bliss- like that new car smell that just never disappears. With a choice of everything down to cupboard doors and carpets..…prefer wood flooring? No problem. It really doesn’t get more bespoke than this. Each lodge at Hillcrest is manufactured and built to the highest standards, and with exceptional interiors, makes maintenance easy….Not forgetting the outside, complete with beautiful decking and space to dine al fresco.


2. It’s all yours (and you don’t have to leave by 10)

No more searching for availability, because its always available! So even when you desperately want that holiday but its peak season, you never have to be disappointed. There is something to be said for that assurance, particularly in present times and the satisfying feeling of being able to have a holiday at the drop of a hat, without the stress of trawling through calendar after calendar hoping to find what you want.

Even better, no early morning scrambles to pack up, tidy up, and hunt out the keycard you have lost since last night.


3. Location:

If you are choosing to purchase a Holiday Lodge, it goes without saying that location is on the priority list. Get the location right and you can have everything you would want from a holiday, to pick and chose at as you wish - exploring days, activity days, spa days, cycling, walking, eating, shopping ….all to be enjoyed safely in the knowledge that comfort and luxury awaits you at the end of the day (and a nice long soak in the bath that you chose for your lodge, should you wish!)

Hillcrest sits in a beautiful rural spot, boasting wonderful surroundings, flooded in nature and tranquility. Owning a lodge here, allows you to strike that balance of coming back to a familiar environment, but having plenty of unknown territory to discover at your doorstep time and time again.


4. A place to go for special occasions:

Anniversaries, birthdays, holiday, celebrations…you will never celebrate so much! Let’s face it, getting away from the hum drum is probably on most people’s list when they are celebrating something special and when you own your own lodge- you will never run out of reasons to go- all you need to do, is bring the cake!


5. Investment in yourself

You don’t just own a lodge, you own your very own luxury retreat, somewhere to escape and forget the daily stresses, somewhere to truly rest and recharge and fill the photo album with happy memories. Perhaps you have considered a second home and costs have made you think again.  Buying a lodge gives you the freedom to holiday whenever you want, but without the hassle of having to maintain the grounds or additional expenses that come with owning property. After the initial lodge purchase, your only expenses are an annual ground rent and your utilities bill (determined by your usage) so there’s never any surprise costs to worry about- one less stress we could all do without.